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SK3 - Nemesis Theory SK3 - Nemesis Theory

Rated 3 / 5 stars

everythings stolen but nice drama

I'm with everyone else on the plagirism thing. You want to pay homage pay homage but you can't take a whole movie. The ending to the fight i thought was kool though cuz of the switcheroo and the lethal weapon line. Still now i've gotta get to the flaws.

There was little to no ease involved. The sound effects were whack and lacked the dynamics you'd expect from todays flash movies. Then there was no subtle effects, to bring out the best of the movie. Blur was not even used outside the proxicide face off scene. The final scene of the movie was depressing because it went from this epic realistic mk background (that was heavily plagarized) to this dreary damn near 8 bit finale spot. Way to go on sucking.

But with the akuma, ryu thing i thought was freakin awesome. I know its kinda cheesy but its like way more dramatic than Proxicides in that respect and the death really put a lot more to run with out there. also nobody ever kills off ryu which is one of the few original things on here. Then the shang tsung was freaking dope in concept but he didn't get to use his own moves.

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Kill Sub-Zero 2 Kill Sub-Zero 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

heh heh subs the sh!t

lmao watch the frozen dudes wig out. lmao they couldn't do sh!t

Preview Mku:3 Preview Mku:3

Rated 4 / 5 stars

awesome go but

awesome fight dude. I've been following this series since movie 1 and I'm a huge fan of all your your work. the fight itself is awesome and you can understand everything thats going on. to me theres just a few graphical errors and there could've been more effects, also some sounds in certain areas could make things way better. I'll point them out now

1) begining chains under bridge; problem was the chains needed to be more believable. a cloud sprite with a slight blur and a slow tween could fix that. especially if u divide each chain into two then put a mask on each side. this way u can have the clouds go around it then that would be believable. Same thing goes for the sides of the ravine. and the trees in the background. either that or a simple gradient on the sprites.

2) the fire in the background during the main fight; in the background it is kinda choppy. u can see where it in the bottom and it clips off the other clips of it. Also in the ends of the fire its just blocky. I can edit that for u if u want.

3) falling chain. Its an awesome thought but the way it was sliced was kinda whack. it just split into with no effects showing it was cut, there was no wobbling. and the way it just slid horizontal, then fell was kinda crap. also there was no truly dynamic sounds for it. i know you'll fix that anyways.

4) push showdown. when they were pushing eachother towards the begining trying to overpower eachother and what not. there needed to be effects on the ground to show how hard they were pushing each other. just some dust moving or some skids in the ground.

5) the flight sorta sucks after the push. It lacked force and was undynamic. it needed an effect for the lift off the ground, a wee bit of blur and an etragan scream maybe in slomo.

6) lack of subtle effects; ground dust, and a lack of dynamics, just theres no slomo, no huge lighting effects, no use of foreground, dynamic flashes. The hits don't truly show epic power.

7) the axe lacks dynamics; u could use masking to fix it. and copy the layer that holds it underneath. this way u can get it like its realy inside of the characters. especially if u put some custom running blood on the wound

8) some physics are wrong. like a character would take a hit from a certain direction and fly and bounce in an illogical direction. not knocking it though. its still dope and you're still a dope animator.

9) the boxes for the characters to speak just suck. this method is just bad. A good design could make everything look good. The comments on the screen take away from the actual animation. I've noticed this even in the last mkus as well. having a picture next to the text above the characters is pointless because u already understand that they're talking the pic just overdoes it.
If u wanna have characters talking with pics put it at the bottom of a screen. imo thats the bestway. Especially with an awesome design to it.

I'd love to help with any of this stuff or anything that comes to mind. I'm a graphics guy mainly so i can definately help with the talky bars and the bg errors as well as adding dynamics to the product. i can code a little too so i could make a menu interface and what not for you. send me a PM here on ng and i can get to work. Hell if u want i could prove what i was talking about with your animation or i could animate with a small flash if u want.

smoothuser responds:

WOOOOOWWW! That's a pagefull of comments just for a preview. Maybe you didn't read the disclaimer, but your comments and suggestions are always welcomed and I thank you for taking the time to show interest in my work. Let's see if I can reply to some of your many numbers here.

1) As stated, many things are going to be fine tuned. Once I have better trees, i'll put them. The chains are ment to be "floating" in the clouds. Above the clouds is the surface world of the living.

2) The fire is in a Beta stage. It will be fine tuned for the final. This was just an outline of things to come.

3) Same as number 3. Lovely suggestion though.

4) Subtle effects will be included in the final product. Take a look at the drastic change between the God of War 3 preview and the actual full game. The final will be fine tuned.

5) Fine tuning effects will be included in the final product. I don't have a way to make Etrigan scream in slow mo.

6) Same as number 3.

7) The axe i'm actually having a problem with. I don't have Firefox or any of that fancy editing stuff anymore to alter the sprites as I want to, so I have to do what I can with what i've got unless you have a way of getting me this program.

8) I don't know what physics apply in hell. If you go there and come back, let me know and i'll correct them.

9) There are times when people will get confused and not know who's saying what. That is the purpose of the text boxes. The only other way is to zoom in on the speaking character and i'm expiermenting with that in a different project. If I get it right, then that will be the method I use. Since you suggested it, i'll put the dialogue boxes on the bottom. The design is, AGAIN, just a trial and will be beautified in the final product. The object of this BETA, WORKINPROGRESS PREVIEW was to get a feel of how people would accept the idea of the project. If the scores were low, then I would have scrapped it. Since it got fairly good reviews, then I'll continue with it at my leasiure and the final product is guranteed to have all the bells and whistles I can squeeze into 16,000 frames....unless I get lazy. So far due to crazy ass working hours, progress is slow...but steady.

Again, thanks for allllllll the suggestions and comments. I didn't know people still used the word "dope" as an adjective, but I guess it's positive in whatever meaning you're using it as and I appreciate it. If you're a graphics guru as you say you are, then I may call upon you if I get graphically stuck. Otherwise, thanks again.


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Professional Sniper Professional Sniper

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

all together pretty good

the accuracy does suck a little but atleast the game is interesting. its more than just point and shoot the guys head off. 7/10

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The Summoning (orchestral) The Summoning (orchestral)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

sheer epic

i can dig it. the whole song gives you an intense, worlds gonna end feel. nice work bruh. this is useful as animation music or a theme or something. it'd probably be hard to place vocals on it but imo it doesn't need it. i can dig it.

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Instant Recall Instant Recall

Rated 5 / 5 stars


whatever the style is to this keep doin ya thing. I can dig this and i can guarantee you that I'm gonna download this... and use it in an animation if i could?


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

bad2 the ass

bruh i liked every part of this track. keep doing ya thing and i hope someone important notices your talent.

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Katie Lee Katie Lee

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


i can dig it. i just wish i got 2 c the other 1.
btw whats ur technique? im trying to get better.

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